SWEET Project

SWEET Project – Sex Worker Empowerment, Education and Training Project.

We offer a holistic service to adult sex workers in the Kirklees area, male and female, street or off street, tailor made to meet their needs. A cornerstone of the SWEET project is the commitment it makes to providing a street and off street outreach service. Support, advice, referral and brokerage are keys roles the service utilises in enabling clients to access drug and alcohol, domestic violence and abuse, exploitation and coercion (including trafficking) support and advice. Promoting a safer working environment based on harm minimisation philosophies is an important aspect of the work SWEET undertakes. This applies to sex workers, their families and the wider community. All forms of violence including physical and sexual is encouraged to be reported to ourselves and clients are supported in accessing the police and the National Ugly Mug scheme.

SWEET also coordinates SWANS – Support for Women Ante Natal Service which offers a service to vulnerable women. Pregnancy testing, HIV Testing, safer sex advice including a range of condoms lube and dental dams and referral and support to other agencies including GUM/CASH form part of the sexual health service provision. Housing legal, generic health, safeguarding vulnerable adults or children, one to one support, home visits, and a service for identified sex workers from Kirklees linking in with other prison and release date support provision via Newhall Prison is also part of an expanding service.